Educational Meetings

Raynes Park Seminar (No Lunch)

7th June 2014

10:00: Mr. Marcus Reddy, Consultant General Surgeon - 'An Update on Gall Stones, Reflux & Bariatrics

10:30: Mr. Ashraf Raja, Consultant General & Colorectal Surgeon - 'Title TBC'

11:00: Coffee Break

11:10: Dr. Janakun Natkunarajah, Consultant Dermatologist - 'Title TBC'

Raynes Park Seminar (No Lunch)

28th June 2014

10:00: Dr. Pritash Patel, Consultant Gastroenterologist & General Physician - 'IBS, IBD, Coeliac Disease, Fatty Liver Disease: A Gastroenterological Update

10:30: Dr. Anton Bungay, Consultant Gastroenerologist - 'Common myths in gastroenterology - help for the GP'

11:00: Coffee Break

11:10: Dr. Gail Darlington, Consultant Physician & Rheumatologist - 'Osteoporosis: all the drugs and all the changes - a digestible update!'

11:40: Dr. Sanjeev Patel, Consultant Physician & Rheumatologist - 'Sorting out aches and pains in Primary Care'

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